Structural Integration - Deep Tissue Bodywork, Posture and Movement Education

"When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then, spontaneosly, the body heals itself."
Ida Rolf, Ph.D.

Fascial Research Video – Is Fascia the Cause of Pain?

September 7th 2013 : Blog

Is fascia the cause of pain in the human body? This video explores the research that points to this possibility.

A CrossFit Trainers Structural Integration Experience – Part 1

August 24th 2013 : Blog

I have been working with a structural integration practitioner named Stephanie Fish who has been helping to diagnose and correct my movement and postural dysfunctions. While the process is still in motion, I wanted to give you guys an idea of what structural integration is and how it might help find a solution to your own issues, as it has helped with mine.

Why Doesn’t My Back Hurt? I GOT ROLFED!

July 27th 2013 : Blog

I’ve gotten my hopes up so many times that I look on anyone with a massage table and a face donut with intense skepticism. But Rolfing could be different? Right?

How does bone change shape?

July 25th 2013 : Blog

The riddle was to find how two different materials combine to form something that is simultaneously hard, tough and slightly flexible.

Passive Walking Robot – Structural Integration

July 19th 2013 : Blog

This robot exemplifies the ability to walk passively. To a degree we have this ability as humans. Rolf Structural Integration seeks to teach this technique.

My Keyboard Tried to Kill Me! Finding help for carpal tunnel through Structural Integration

July 11th 2013 : Blog

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, many computer users have suffered this and similar repetitive stress injuries. Learn how Structural Integration helped this person.

Make the Offering – Opening to love with Structural Integration.

June 7th 2013 : Blog

One of the strangest and most meaningful experiences of my life occurred when I going through Rolfing (10 brilliant sessions of deep-tissue bodywork) in my early 20s.

Rolfing Helps Relieve Pain of Lyme Disease Sufferer

May 31st 2013 : Blog, News

Before this article I had no idea relief was possible with Structural Integration for a person with Lyme disease. But apparently for John it has certainly helped with managing his pain. Perhaps one day I will get to give it a go. Here’s his story.

Equine Rolfing – Structural Integration for Animals

May 6th 2013 : Blog

Working on Rio has taught me about the non-verbal signals all animals (including humans) give when receiving work.

Posture and Technology – 9 New Ways We Sit

April 29th 2013 : Blog

Well, in this era of tablets and smartphones we have so many more postures to choose from on a typical work day. Of course proper posture in a dynamic way is much harder to learn, but once you get it it can save you from chronic problems.

Rib Out of Place?

April 22nd 2013 : Blog

This video describes how, using Structural Integration, we can help restore balance to a rib that is out of place.

What in the World is Rolfing?

April 15th 2013 : Blog, News

Rolfing is like a massage on steroids, in a good way.

Study: Myofascial Manipulation Helps Ankle Sprain Recovery

April 4th 2013 : Blog, News

This NIH study shows some correlation between myofascial therapy used in conjunction with traditional treatment methods for an ankle sprain.

A CrossFit Trainers Experience with Structural Integration – Part 3

March 29th 2013 : Blog

“Integration” – Ah yes, the final piece to the picture. This part of the series is about organize the whole is a way specific to the client. This is where the artistry of the ten series lies. What does this body need? How do we get all these pieces to come together to form a more complete whole? Here’s what these two have to say about it…

A CrossFit Trainers Experience with Structural Integration – Part 2

March 22nd 2013 : Blog

In sessions 4-7 we addressed “the core.” “The core” in this case is similar to an apple – where it is the deepest layers of the body – not just abdominal muscles.

Rolfing Changes Lives

March 8th 2013 : Blog

When you experience chronic pain (from an accident, overuse, poor posture, etc.), you may elect to take, or be advised to take, painkillers.

How Rolfing Structural Integration Can Help Triatheletes

November 28th 2012 : Blog

Athletes put their bodies through rigorous, repetitive motions that can pull the web of fascia out of alignment causing joints (knees, ankles, back, neck, shoulders) to gradually tighten and build up scar tissue. This increased tension and strain can lead to pain, stiffness, tendonitis, lack of flexibility, increased injury and deceased performance. Rolfing® combats these effects by releasing the fascia surrounding tight muscles, lengthening tight tendons, breaking down scar tissue and increasing flexibility and range of motion.

Rolfing After Pain Symptoms Go Away?

October 24th 2012 : Blog

You’ve been seeing me for Rolfing sessions and we’ve gotten rid of your pain, so you’re done seeing me right? Well, maybe not. Just because you’re not feeling any pain currently doesn’t mean that your body is functioning in a healthy way.

Rolfing Demo

October 4th 2012 : Blog

A montage of a client being worked on set to music. It gives a good feel for what is happening in a typical session.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Video

September 27th 2012 : Blog

CTS is a common problem for people who work on computers or do other repetitive motions all day with their hands.