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"When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then, spontaneosly, the body heals itself."
Ida Rolf, Ph.D.

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Rolf Structural Integration is a form of deep tissue bodywork incorporating movement and posture education. Unlike a massage this work engages the client in their own unique healing process. The client is an active participant during the sessions; embodying a new way of being, feeling and experiencing their body and its environment. In a session we seek more natural alignment in the joints, increased relaxation of connective tissue, a sense of emotional grounding and balance throughout the body. This deep awareness facilitates more ease of use, efficiency in movement and reduces overall tension and discomfort.

Structural Integration Blog

Liberated Body

Feb 7 2018 : Blog

I found this podcast a bit late. By that I mean Brooke Thomas has somewhat recently stopped creating new episodes. But there’s an archive of episodes that I think are quite a collection of gems. Brooke is a Rolfer® who works out of New Haven, CT and this series of audio interviews and musings is her search for the perfect “body map”. Turns out there isn’t one. Turns out the body is a dynamic and organic structure that routinely defies strict categorization. Turns out things are much more interesting than a purely mechanistic view can explain away. Yes.

Here’s how she describes the podcast:

“Liberated Body is a podcast for all the body nerds out there.

What’s a body nerd?

A body nerd is someone who is fascinated by the human body in a way that is outside of the standard cultural story that tells us, essentially, that the body is a fleshy machine made of separate parts which we can reduce enough in order to fully pin it down, manipulate it, and control it.

While the dominant culture talks about the body as an object that can do our bidding (or that fails to do our bidding and therefore sucks), body nerds get excited about the body as a whole, living, unfolding experience which contains endless avenues for potential insight and exploration.

Because of this, listeners of the show are frequently practitioners and teachers of a variety of manual and movement therapies. Some however are people who don’t have a career in holistic health, and instead are simply inquisitive embodied folks. Whichever you are, if the phrase “body nerd” resonates you are our people- welcome! And thank you for making the world a more embodied place.”

Brooke interviews some really interesting thinkers in the somatic space, and she does it with good production. She is a great speaker and has the ability to tease information out of her guests in an engaging way. I highly recommend her podcast, you can find it here:

If you are new to podcasts I recommend the phone app Stitcher on Android and iTunes for Apple devices. Happy listening!

Rolfing, Cryotherapy, DNA testing: four new wellbeing trends

Feb 5 2015 : Blog, News

Move over massage, it’s time to welcome Rolfing. Developed in the 1950s this is a hands-on process used for the treatment of injuries and chronic pain.

Fascia: The Secret Organ

Jan 21 2015 : Blog

I help people see that when they hold stress from overwork, physical and emotional behavior patterns, repetitive strain, and even trauma, it is transmitted to the body. You can see it, whether it’s a compressed diaphragm, hunched and sloping shoulders, or thickness through the upper thighs. When I help clients release those stresses, I can empower them to heal the deeper issues that manifest themselves as physical symptoms.

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