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Ida Rolf, Ph.D.

Rolfing After Pain Symptoms Go Away?

October 24, 2012 : Blog

By: Christopher Horan, Certified Rolfer

You’ve been seeing me for Rolfing sessions and we’ve gotten rid of your pain, so you’re done seeing me right?  Well, maybe not.  Just because you’re not feeling any pain currently doesn’t mean that your body is functioning in a healthy way.  That kind of thinking is like saying that you are perfectly healthy just because you don’t have a cold.  There might be something lurking just underneath your awareness that is causing long term damage to your body.  Something might be off such a small amount that there is no pain involved, but if left unchecked and unresolved over time will wear down your tissue and turn up as serious pain down the road.

Part of what makes Rolfing unique is that I’m treating the entire body, not just the area of the body that hurts.  Every part of your body is connected some way or another, so something going on in your foot can cause symptoms to show up in your neck and head.  If we get the pain to go away in your neck and head but never address what’s going on in your feet, your symptoms will eventually come back because we’ve never address the core of the issue.

You could also have misalignments or unbalanced areas in your body that don’t cause you pain right now but will do so down the road.  The unbalanced tissue might have absolutely nothing to do with the issue you came to see me for and might not have any symptoms showing up.  However, if we don’t bring the tissue back into balance pain is likely to show up later in your life.

Ultimately, I started my Rolfing practice in Austin, TX because the work is effective at getting people out of pain.  But I want those changes to be permanent.  So, it’s imperative that we bring better alignment back to the entire body and not just chase pain symptoms.  Doing so will help ensure that not only will your current symptoms go away, but you can sidestep future aches and pains as well.  Effectively, keeping your body feeling young and supple.

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