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"When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then, spontaneosly, the body heals itself."
Ida Rolf, Ph.D.


I have been practicing bodywork in San Diego for 16 years (I started in 1999) and I love what I do. I get to know people and I help them get to know themselves on a very tangible level. I think that primarily it’s my job to educate everyone I can about the importance of awareness. Especially important and most immediate is our relationship to the body we inhabit. This internal environment can either function as a burden to proper function or as a great boon. The burden of a dysfunctional structure can result in pain, weakness, imbalance, discomfort or a basic lack of vitality. But with proper function in your connective tissue and skeletal system you can allow for the flow of gravity to lift you up rather than tear you down. This improves your structure dramatically and can result in outcomes such as: less pain, more mobility, increased height, better balance and an overall increased level of physical performance. This is my experience with the work and I hope to pass some of it on to each and every client I see.

Archie UnderwoodRaised in a macrobiotic household and regularly receiving acupuncture as a youth I was surrounded by holistic living from a young age. I was introduced to bodywork as a career at age 17 by a good friend who was also pursuing a career in Holistic Health. From there I did some research and ended up at IPSB College here in San Diego. I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in humanities at IPSB. Being one of the few bodyworkers to receive that level of education at the time, I had a graduating class of 4. I went on to teach with my mentor Ed Maupin, Ph.D. (first generation Rolfer®, trained with Ida Rolf, Ph.D. in 1968) for 5  years mostly at IPSB College. I completed IPSB’s teacher’s training program along the way.  Since then I have mostly been focused on building my private practice in the  North Park area of San Diego, CA.

My Resume

Archie G. Underwood, B.A., C.M.T. #29374


Work with with positive minded beings seeking and creating holistic sources for wellness. I offer a unique perspective to therapeutic bodywork, recognizing the role of personal body awareness in healing.


By establishing a comfortable environment, engaging aware touch and movement I assist my clients in relieving painful and unorganized holding patterns in the body. This facilitates enhanced body awareness where we can explore new ways to relate to movement and “posture” without pain or struggle. Through somatic education and various stretching/movement techniques I provide clients with tools for clarifying specific issues in and out of the treatment room. I specialize in Rolf Structural Integration.


1999-Present Private Practice – North Park, CA
I maintain a practice focused on Structural Integration and Therapeutic Bodywork. I seek to help my clients become more aware of their body through touch, movement and posture education.

2006-2009 Vision Magazine
Articles centering around holistic health and well-being. Vision is a publication focused on being a catalyst for conscious living. 90,000 copies are distributed monthly throughout California as well as in Arizona and Hawaii.

2003-2008 International Professional School of Bodywork – San Diego, CA
I taught Structural Integration at IPSB College, they offer a 350 hour program of specialized Structural Integration work. My roles included assistant, secondary and primary teacher.

2005 Esalen Institute – I taught Structural Integration, assisting Ed Maupin, Ph.D. Esalen was a catalyst for new forms of body therapy in the 50’s and 60’s and remains one to this day.


2014 Sharon Hancoff-Wheeler – San Diego, CA
Returning to one of Sharon’s workshops was a delight. Her unique approach to working with visible scarring and the underlying scar tissue was quite interesting. Always a pleasure to learn from a master of the work.

2012 Sharon Hancoff-Wheeler – San Diego, CA
I took an amazing workshop focused on the cranial work of the 10 series. I learned work pioneered by Sharon who was one of Ida Rolf’s first students.

2011 Gil Hedley – San Diego, CA
I took an intensive workshop related to his unique approach to anatomy learned through dissection. He is a Rolfer® who practices dissection through a holistic lens focusing on the connective tissue.

2010 Esther Gokhale Wellness Center – Palo Alto, CA
I learned the foundations of her unique approach to posture and movement education.

2009 IPSB College – San Diego, CA
Ethics and continuing Rossiter System classes.

2008 Mueller College – San Diego, CA
“Customizing” with Bill Mueller. Bill shared his unique take on client assessment, pulling from his 30 years in the field.

2007 Rossiter System Workouts – San Diego, CA
A powerful program you can implement starting today to get your employees back to work and your medical costs under control again.Richard Rossiter is a Rolfer® from way back who decided to break the mold with his work and now teaches it to others.

1998-2006 International Professional School of Bodywork – San Diego, CA

  • Bachelor of Arts in Humanities; speaker at graduation
  • 2500+ hours of training with a focus on Somatic Bodywork
  • Specialization in Structural Integration with training in many other modalities

2004 Rolf Insitute annual meeting – Boulder, CO
Represented the IPSB Structural Integration teaching team and attended various workshops.

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