Structural Integration - Deep Tissue Bodywork, Posture and Movement Education

"When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then, spontaneosly, the body heals itself."
Ida Rolf, Ph.D.


Somatic Therapist and Educator
Structural Integration

I am a Somatic Therapist and Educator with over 25 years of experience in practice and over 20 in the classroom. I teach Structural Integration and
movement training and have worked with hundreds of students over the years. I am Dr. Edward Maupin’s protégé; we worked closely together for 14 years. My focus is on bringing together science, enthusiasm, and compassion to elaborate and share our work with students and clients throughout the world.


Dr. Edward Maupin Rolfer and Psychologist
Dr. Robert Johnson Jungian Analyst and Author

I mention my mentors here because they were an integral part of my development as an educator and therapist. I spent years with these men learning about myself and how to work with others.


University of California, Berkeley 2010 2019
PhD in Civil Engineering, MS. in Structural Engineering

University of California, San Diego 2004 2009
BS Structural Engineering Valedictorian of Class ‘09

Guild For Structural Integration, Boulder, CO. 1999 Practitioner

IPSB, San Diego 1997 1999
MA Somatic Psychology

IPSB, San Diego

1995 1997

1000+ hr. HHP training: SI, Sensory Repatterning, NMT, Tui Na


IPSB Instructor 19982010
I developed and taught multiple classes as lead and assistant instructor at IPSB.

Structural Integration Internship (700 hr. training). Developed curriculum and materials as well as led segments of the IPSB SI Internship training. Performed class demonstration of the 10 series on models. Led movement education incorporating a number of modalities to clarify the core of Ida’s philosophy.

Principles of Structural Integration (4day introduction to Structural Integration). Taught both as lead and assistant 4x per
year from 1998 to 2010.

Taught Taiji (Yang Style) solo from 20012010. Developed curriculum and materials.

Created and taught class “Body Mechanics for Bodyworkers”, 30 hr. training focusing on how to use the body to improve quality of touch and prevent injury for multiple modalities and body types.

Traveling Workshops Instructor 19992009
Traveled to teach workshops in Structural Integration and Movement throughout the US (Esalen multiple times, Ohio) and abroad (Japan and

UC Berkeley Graduate Student Instructor 20152019
Taught a number of classes as lead and adjunct: Fluid Dynamics, Civil
Design, Physics of Electricity and Magnetism, Physics of Sound.

UC San Diego Teaching Assistant 20082009
Led sections in Structural Analysis for Dr. Petr Krysl.


Taiji/Qigong Instructor 2001present
I have led classes in a number of different environments using Taiji and
Qigong as the basis of a philosophy that focuses on effortlessness
movement and balance.


Abraham Liu (Cheng ManChing > Yang Cheng Fu)

Share K. Lew (Qi gong)

Ted Purpero (Benjamin Lo > Cheng ManChing)

Siu_Fong Evans (White Crane)

Tobey Cooley (Liu He Ba fa)

20002002 Competed in numerous national and international
Chinese martial arts competitions, won multiple gold, silver, and
bronze medals.

San Diego Core Movement Training 2004 2007
Developed private class to incorporate core awareness and
strengthening into a set of exercises and flow routine.


E. Maupin and H. Kagey “A Dynamic Relation to Gravity” Classroom manuals for Structural Integration. Volume One: The Elements of Structural Integration; Volume Two: The Ten Sessions of Structural Integration, 2006.

H. Kagey Dissertation: “Design and Performance Evaluation of Building Integrated Solar Technology for Greywater Recycling and Thermal
Gain.” An interdisciplinary study on multiphysical processes (optics, heat, fluids, and mass transfer) for developing novel green technologies. Advisor Slav Hermanowicz, 2019.

P. Krysl and H. Kagey Reformulation of nodally integrated continuum elements to attain insensitivity to distortion. International journal of Numerical Methods in Engineering, Vol. 90, 7, 2012.

H. Kagey Masters Thesis: “Seismic Retrofit of Iranian Central Plateau Vernacular Dwellings and Structures.” 2011.


Touch in Peace Volunteer 2010, 2012, 2015
Traveled to Cambodia multiple times to work with the orphans born with HIV at New Hope for Cambodia, Kampong Spoe, Cambodia .

Bodywork Outreach NonProfit 1998present
At all times I work with one lowincome client who cannot afford the session rates I usually charge. This is a matter of bringing Structural Integration and bodywork to those who otherwise would not have access to it.