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"When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then, spontaneosly, the body heals itself."
Ida Rolf, Ph.D.

Rolfer Helps Seattle Seahawks Football Players

January 17, 2014 : Blog

I have worked with many professional athletes in my career with great results in post injury care and increasing their efficiency of movement. This Rolfer works with some of the Seattle Seahawks in a similar vein with great results. Check out the article:

“Few can justifiably say they’ve made a direct impact on a Seahawks game, but Stolzoff can.

Stolzoff, a 25-year Rolfing practitioner who established Stolzoff Sportworks in Bellingham in 2011, has been regularly working with Seattle’s Golden Tate and Sidney Rice this season, helping them perform at peak levels through a body-recovery practice called Rolfing.

Rolfing is a holistic system of soft body tissue manipulation. Unlike a traditional massage, Rolfers focus on aligning the entire structure of the body, and Stolzoff said its effects are longer-lasting.

Norman Stolzoff, Russell’s brother and the business side of Stolzoff Sportworks, compares Russell’s work on athletes’ bodies to that of a mechanic working on a Formula 1 race car.

And Tate, who was meeting with Russell on Thursday, Jan. 9, in Seattle, has vouched for what Rolfing has done for his body. Tate praised Russell’s work in a nearly 5-minute video for Stolzoff Sportworks.

“I feel like I benefitted from it after just having one session,” Tate said… ”
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