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Crosby, Still, Nash and Young Member Uses Rolfing to Help his Hands

October 13, 2011 : Blog, News

Stephen Stills says he long ago “got sick of being a rock star.” These days, the Florida-born 66-year-old says he’s content with just “being a musician,” which means playing the hits, trying to stay healthy and, when his aging hands cooperate, being the one and only Stephen Stills on the guitar.

In a surprisingly candid and wonderfully chatty phone interview last week, Stills — who appears with his band at The Egg on Tuesday and at the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock for a sold-out show on Friday — said that some pre-tour rolfing has his wrists in good shape, and he’s ready to play.

And play he does. Stills has been a triple threat singer-songwriter-guitarist since his early days with seminal country rockers Buffalo Springfield. He’s also been the linchpin of exalted combos like Manassas (which paired him with Byrds bassist Chris Hillman) and the many phases of Crosby, Stills, Nash and (sometimes) (Neil) Young.

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